There has been gross underfunding of the educational sector by the Federal Government of Nigeria over the past twenty years. This underfunding has led to a substantial reduction in educational standards at public educational institutions as facilities have deteriorated and teachers have underpaid. This reduction in standards has led to the emergence of a substantial number of private secondary schools which have attempted to fill the gap left by federal and states schools.

There are currently approximately 6.6 million students in 18,238 secondary schools across Nigeria, of which 1.9% (125,000) are in 102 Federal Unity Schools spread across the 36 states of Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory, and the majority of the rest are in state and other government schools. Given the declining educational system in the country, there has been an explosion of private schools across the country and these schools currently cater to an estimated 7% of students (462,000).

Unfortunately, there is tremendous variability in the quality of the educational being provided by these private schools, with the vast majority offering mediocre education, and the average parent being unable to decipher the value being provided. Field research indicates that the top ten schools in the country, in times of pricing and academic credentials only cater for less than 0.1% of students.

In Abuja, besides Loyola Jesuit, the International Community School Abuja and the American International School of Abuja, which collectively cater for about 1.280 students per year, there are no other quality schools that provide the American curriculum. As a result, there is tremendous potential for a new school to fill the gap for quality American education.

The Seeds of Abraham Academy (‘’SAA”) will be an elite, private co-educational boarding school located within the Abuja Federal Capital. The school will aim to compete with the best schools in Nigeria terms of quality of its student intake and the proportion of its students that go to top universities within Nigeria and internationally.

To provide world-class, holistic education that prepares the mind, body and soul of its students to live full and meaningful lives as agents of peace and progress wherever they may be.

To be ranked consistently as one of the top five private secondary schools in Nigeria with a track record of grooming and graduating students who distinguish themselves academically locally and globally. The student body will be a diverse mix of students across Nigeria. Alumni will have a strong connection to both the school and Nigeria, and will play future active leadership roles in the development of Nigeria

Generation of True Knowledge


  • Academic excellence
  • The development of the well-rounded child who can compete globally
  • Integrity, ethics and high moral standards
  • Academic honesty
  • High sense of Diligence

Approximately 9 Hectares
Located at Piyako, Karshi
Status: Certificate of Occupancy (C of O)