The true picture of the twenty-first century Nigeria and indeed Africa is a sheer nightmare when juxtaposed with all other continents especially the first world axis. Sensitive people from around the globe are increasingly baffled, dazed and alarmed with the reality of the unfolding complexity of the contemporary African challenges.

There seems to be no reasonable solution readily at sight, not to talk of a ray of hope or any sign of light at the end of the tunnel. The entire system is virtually broken down – political leadership, economy, health, education, culture and even the social fabric are incredibly in shambles. In a nutshell, what we are actually experiencing in all spheres is better described as not only chaotic but an inexplicable cataclysmic imbroglio!

At this point in the checkered history of this continent, a voice of reason must be raised to demystify the prevailing tragedy, pin the issues down, hit the nail at the head and forever rest this case of African proverbial poverty. Can’t we for the first time muster enough courage and garner the enabling gut to grapple with the root-cause of our backwardness and depravity. How long shall we think that Africa shall be fixed by a father Christmas from the blues?

It is our collective responsibility to arise for total emancipation of Africa. We should halt the trend of exodus for golden fleece. The young generation of African professionals in the Diaspora should rethink. After the spell of acquiring knowledge, training, experience and possibly financial empowerment, it is time to return back to duty.

Take your destiny in your hand, and contribute your own quota by helping to replicate what in the first place made your host clime attractive as part of the first world. Let us pool our human resources together and tap into the available diverse resources. If we can only maximize the exploration of our endowed rich land resource through modern Agro-business techniques, we will certainly catalyze the long-awaited African Industrial revolution.

Evangelist Iwuchukwu Ezenwafor